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Banner Day

September 5, 2013 - Darian Somers
Penn State football has a lot of traditions.

The classic blue and white -- no nameā€¦.eerrrr yeah about that -- jerseys, tailgating, Zombie Nation, the Blue Band, the Victory Bell. The list goes on and on and on (I would put the Land Grant Trophy on that list, but seriously, who cares about the Land Grant Trophy? It's pointless.).

We have some traditions at Nittanyville, too, and one of those traditions is an iconic tradition inside Beaver Stadium -- the banners. While other schools may do banners for the team in general, no other school does as many player specific banners as Penn State.

You've seen them: MRob's Mob, The Linebacker U banner, BOB the ReBuilder, and those are just some of them throughout the years. They've become a tradition, and every year new ones are rolled out.

Today is the day a lot of those banners are born. Each year, during the first campout, the front row campers create banners and most of them stay around all season long.

How it's done:

-First, get the front row seats. That all depends on how quickly you sign in Wednesday night. If you get a quicker sign in, then you get to pick your seats earlier, and if the front row is open, you take the front row.

- Go to Wal-Mart or raid your bed for a white bed sheet. Don't get a size bigger than you would put on a full bed.

- Pick your player. This year, I'm going with Canada native and running back Akeel Lynch. I'm a big hockey fan. I'm not going to tell you what it will say.

- After you pick your player, a lot of groups like to draw a mock up of what the banner will look like. I leave that to the artistic people in the group because legitimately, kindergartens can draw better than me.

- Sherwin Williams in State College must really love this time of year. Most of us go there to get the paint. -Paint it up and you're ready to hang it in the student section in Beaver Stadium.

Penn State football is full of traditions, and the banners are something at Nittanyville we take pride in.

I'm a sophomore at Penn State and an officer in Nittanyville, a student run organization that camps out before every home Penn State football game. Follow me on Twitter @StuffSomersSays for more updates from Gate A.

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