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They're back!

December 28, 2012 - John Mehno
Other matters precluded a previous mention of this happy development:

The McRib is back.

The legendary menu item showed up at my local McDonald's about three weeks ago. (It always seems to return on a Friday). Insider gossip says it's back for a six-week limited engagement, so take advantage.

For those who don't know, McRib is a recurring offering at McDonald's. It's a processed pork pattie, slathered in barbecue sauce, put on a rectangular bun and topped with pickle slices and slivered onions. It's messy, so be sure to grab a handful of napkins. They're selling it for $2.99 at my McDonald's, so I assume that's the price throughout the region. Like other items, you can get it in a combo with fries and a drink.

The last time McRib appeared, thoughtful people sent me links to stories that detailed some potentially dubious ingredients. Much as I appreciate the concern for my well-being, that isn't going to stop me from savoring McRibs. Those of us who like hot dogs have made our peace with issues like that.

Official disclaimer: I have no connection to McDonald's and receive no compensation or other considerations for promoting the McRib. I pay full price every time I buy one, and it takes something special to get me off the Dollar Menu and/or coupon deals.

If you've enjoyed the McRib in the past, clean the snow off the car and get to the Golden Arches. The clock is ticking.

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