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The Rough Cut 7/27/12: There's no one else to blame for 'Dark Knight' shootings

July 27, 2012 - Keith Frederick
It’s been a busy month in entertainment, so I’m going to go ahead and touch on a bunch of subjects this week.

* I can’t help but comment on the tragic shootings in Aurora, Colo., where 12 people were killed and 50 wounded when a gunman opened fire at a midnight showing of “The Dark Knight Rises.”

I won’t pretend to offer a new perspective on what James Holmes was thinking, or whether or not he was in the midst of a psychotic episode. People far more qualified than I will answer those questions and raise new questions for years to come.

However, seeing people blame the movie, or the character of Batman, for the shootings infuriates me. I understand it, of course; in the face of insane actions, people attempt to find a reason behind them. There is a basic human need to try and explain the unexplainable, to try and find a reason behind the unreasonable.

These arguments about the movie’s influence on Holmes should disappear now that we know his actions were planned for a long time, but there is always a debate about film and TV violence when tragedies like this happen. And the true answer is always the same: No amount of violence in entertainment will convince a sane person to do something insane.

Don’t rationalize the actions of a psychopath by trying to find someone else to blame.

* The Emmy nominations were announced last week and provided the usual mix of satisfaction and confusion. It was nice to see “Game of Thrones” get double digit nominations — sci-fi and fantasy are always disrespected by the Emmys, as evidenced by the lack of “The Walking Dead” nominations.

And I’ve been yelling for Mayim Bialik to get a nod for “The Big Bang Theory” almost since she joined the show. There’s honestly a good mix of new names among the nominees. But the old problems remain.

Movie stars get nominated no matter how their performance pans out. Ashley Judd’s nomination for lead actress in a miniseries or movie for “Missing” is especially bad. It only turned into a “mini-series” because the show was so bad it got canceled! And Kathy Bates is nominated again for “Harry’s Law” — which no one watched. It too is already canceled.

And I’d really like to know what Jon Cryer, Michael C. Hall and Edie Falco have on the Academy. There has to be some blackmail there, because it’s the only way they get nominated each year.

* The last month has seen the entertainment world lose some of its brightest lights. Andy Griffith, Ernest Borgnine, Sherman Hemsley, Tom Davis, Celeste Holm, Richard D. Zanuck — it’s been a sad few weeks.

These stars gave us some of the greatest characters and moments in film and TV history, and they’ll never be forgotten.

On a more personal note, it pains me that I’m now living in a world without George Jefferson, but the entire cast of “Jersey Shore” is still walking around.

Mirror Staff Writer Keith Frederick’s column appears monthly in Go. He can be reached at 946-7466 or by email at kfrederick@

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