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PSU QBs not allowed to audible at line of scrimmage

October 5, 2011 - Cory Giger
Penn State has a lot of problems on offense, and one of them apparently is the coaches don't trust that the quarterbacks can think on the fly.

Get this: PSU's quarterbacks are not allowed to audible at the line of scrimmage. That comes from none other than receiver Derek Moye.

I had a reader email me a video clip on YouTube (see at the right) where Moye is being interviewed by a PSU staff member, and he was asked if the quarterbacks can audible.

"Our offense, we're not given the, I guess the quarterback's not given, I guess, the right to call an audible," Moye said. "Sometimes we'll have a two-play call, maybe between a run and a pass or maybe between a run to the right and a run to the left.

"But for the most part, which play we call is what we stick with, and the coaches, they do a good job being upstairs and being on top of the right plays to call."

Are these coaches for real? Seriously, how do you not give a quarterback the option of reading the defense, trying to pick up a blitz or scheme and making a necessary adjustment at the line of scrimmage?

This is absurd and embarrassing for the Penn State offensive coaches. Not only can they not pick one quarterback, they don't have enough faith in either Rob Bolden or Matt McGloin to allow either of them to have the audacity of changing what certainly must be awesome play calls on every down, regardless of the situation or what the defense is showing.


But sadly, not surprising given how much of a mess there is on offense.

Is it any wonder that Penn State has had no success preparing quarterbacks for the NFL? Somewhere Peyton Manning is laughing at the notion of a quarterback who doesn't have the option of calling an audible.

I also posted a link to the right of a story that details how Stanford's Andrew Luck, the projected No. 1 pick in next year's NFL draft, sometimes has the freedom to call his own plays like Manning. It's rare in college football to give a quarterback that much leeway, but to give the quarterback virtually no leeway at all is troubling and makes an offense that much more predictable.

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