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Artist of the week: Cora Smith

August 29, 2011 - Emily Dimov-Gottshall
This week we will be sharing the work of Cora Smith. She is a working artist from Mahaffey, Pa. She tells us, "while my main work is portraits, I have recently been painting a series of abstract/stylized works that I am very interested in...sharing." You can view her work at

Tell us about your artistic history and what you inspires you when creating your work:

I have been interested in art my whole life and working as a portrait artist since 1998. Early on my art influences included Renaissance artists and American illustrators. Now I feel I have developed a style of my own. At this time, art is my only occupation. Recently I have translated my portrait work into a series of abstract/stylized paintings through which I can convey some thoughts on life. They are usually inspired by things that have influenced me. These works are the ones I am most interested in talking about at this time. I am not sure into which art category exactly my current work falls. My friends in art refer to it as stylized. I feel it is “surreal” – realism mixed with abstract. Although I often start with drawings based on things I see around me, for the most part these pieces are from my mind to the canvas, making the results uniquely mine.

What art clicks for you or makes you think this is good?

I enjoy art that is that is thought provoking. For me it needs to inspire me to think! I prefer works that are bold and original. I chose my current style of work in an attempt to break away from the “norm”. They are my effort to contribute something different to a crowded art world.

Where are you exhibiting your work? Do you have a website and how can viewers contact you?

Currently, my work is on display at the Winkler Gallery of Fine Art in Dubois, Pa. as well at the Eccotta Gallery in Ridgway, Pa. Also, some pieces can be viewed at my own gallery, the Kyrie Gallery, in Mahaffey, Pa. My website is My cell number is 814-590-0906.

Thank you for telling us about your work and artistic inspirations, Cora!

Next week, we will share the artwork of Anju Jolly and Bonnie Everett-Hawkes

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