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'True Blood,' 'Atlas Shrugged' and Masters wives...

April 11, 2011 - Ray Eckenrode
Tube talk

> In case you missed it, HBO finally announced last week that Season 4 of “True Blood” will premiere on Sunday, June 26, back in the 9 p.m. time slot for a 12-episode run. Season 4 promises more about the worlds of werewolves and witches and fairies (oh my!). But to our great disappointment, the show will still prominently feature the ever-annoying Rutina Wesley as the ever-annoying Tara, despite the fact Wesley’s character vowed to leave Bon Temps in the Season 3 finale (triggering wild, and unfortunately premature, celebration at “15 Minutes” blog headquarters.) This would also be a good time to ask the fans who are clamoring and petitioning for Emmy love for the show to just stop. Seriously. We’ve been on board with “True Blood” since the beginning, but let’s not lose sight of what the show is: a campy, gothic soap opera.

Video: If you need to whet your appetite for Season 4, you can find the “Waiting Sucks” vignettes in the video section of HBO’s show page. The link is at right.

Movie madness

> We’ve talked here many times about the longshot efforts to turn Ayn Rand’s 1000-page opus, “Atlas Shrugged,” into a 125-page script for a major motion picture. When we last wrote about it in this space (early 2010), a big-budget, big-name attempt (Charlize Theron, Brad Pitt) was floundering. Since then, and totally without our advice or consent, a small-budget, no-name version of the film has not only been completed, but it opens Friday in limited release. It’s billed as the first part of a trilogy, but the movie’s financier admits he needs to break even on his $30 million investment for there to be a Part II. Rand’s simple but powerful story about the nature of individual achievement and the consciousness of society has amplified implications, of course, in these strange days, but we’ll leave that discussion for another blog (hopefully, later this week).

Video: Click the link at right to visit the film’s web page, which includes the trailer.

Sports stuff

> The next time someone asks us what kind of golfer we are, we’re going to show the videotape of Rory McIlroy playing the 10th hole Sunday at Augusta and say, “that kind.”

> The best thing about Sunday’s Masters was the emergence of two new stars. And yes, we mean Ellie Day and Lindsay Schwartzel.

> If the first four Pirates games showed everything that can go right with the team, the next four showed everything that go wrong and that begins with the two-most dreaded letters in a baseball manager’s vocabulary: BB.

> It’s time for playoff hockey which means you’ll be reading a lot of these two phrases: “day to day” and “undisclosed injury.”

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