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Postcards from Florida: I'm super cheap, and I believe hotels are huge ripoffs

March 29, 2011 - Cory Giger
I spend more than 10 percent of my life in hotels. With numerous work trips and vacations, I stay in hotels about 45 nights a year -- a big number to some, while for others that's paltry (and I feel sorry for those in that group).

A good hotel has six things, in order of importance to me: 1. A comfortable bed that's not squishy soft or rock hard; 2. lots of TV channels; 3. free Internet; 4. shampoo; 5. a hot tub; 6. a fridge (plus hopefully a microwave).

Now, you must know that I am incredibly cheap. I'm usually traveling on the company dime, so to cut costs, I stay in some really, really cheap places. Like two weeks ago in Tucson for the NCAA Tournament, my room at Super 8 was $37 a night. It was excellent, too, as it had five of the above (no hot tub).

I just don't get why some people spend a fortune on hotels when all you really need is a bed, TV and shower. Nor do I get why so many hotels can charge so much for a basic room for one night. To me, few things in this country are bigger ripoffs than hotels.

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