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Sports Saturday: Here and there

March 26, 2011 - Ray Eckenrode
NCAA Tournament

> Charles Barkley sure seems to be annoying a lot of people with his surly commentary on the NCAA tourney, but we don’t think nearly enough people are paying attention to the fact that Big Chuck has been frighteningly accurate in predicting for viewers what will happen in the games before they’re played. We’ll take the keen insight and live with the “turribles” any day.

> We’re one of many who made the prediction before the tournament that Pitt would underachieve again because they just did not have the kind of offense that could produce at crunch time in tournament games, but Cory Giger took that a step further noting on the Twitter that it’s hard for Jamie Dixon to find legit scorers and offensive post players who are willing to play the kind of defense Pitt’s program demands.

> So, we've got VCU in the Elite 8 in one of our brackets (for amusement only) and we're in 39th (39th!) place. We have to review the scoring system used there. And yes, we know we're lucky and not good.


> We wonder how Limas Sweed is coming along?

> Seriously, if we ever get a league season under way in 2011 we truly believe the Steelers should take a look at Plaxico Burress. Wait, wait, wait, hear us out. Plax is not a bad guy, he’s a knucklehead. There’s a difference and we don’t have any doubt Hines Ward could keep him in line. We’re thinking post-prison, post-New York Plax will be much more appreciative of Pittsburgh than he was the first time. Plus, the price would be right.

> We've seen a lot of people write that players and owners have "five months" to solve this. They don't. There will be no talking whatsoever until there's a court ruling on the players' request for a permanent injunction that bars owners from locking them out. If a court grants that injunction, it's highly likely that a league season will resume shortly thereafter under the same provisions as last season. If the court doesn't grant the injunction, the power shifts to the owners, who are going to allow the players to squirm all summer before re-starting serious talks in August or September at about the time guys will begin missing game checks.


> Sniff, sniff. What's that we smell? Is that just a hint of destiny in the air?

> Seriously, there’s a general feeling outside Pittsburgh that the Penguins can’t win another Stanley Cup without Crosby and Evgeni Malkin, but we’re not sure that’s true. The NHL’s playoff grind is like no other and team chemistry is just about as important as talent in surviving that grind and more and more the Penguins are looking like a team that has that certain something going for them.

> Although it’s been denied to the 10th power, Sidney Crosby had to have suffered a minor skull fracture back in January, right?

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