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Getting over it?

February 18, 2011 - John Mehno
Hey, how have you been?

We're coming up on two weeks since the Steelers came out on the short end of the Super Bowl. This may be off base, but it seems like most people are moving on from that OK. I know intrepid Mirror sports editor Buck Frank has put his 10-gallon hat in the closet, and now he doesn't have to duck through doorways any more.

My observations aren't scientific by any means, but I haven't encountered a lot of people obsessing about the game retroactively. Some have moved on to the Penguins and their interesting list of issues, but not everyone is a hockey fan. The Steelers hardcores I hear from seem to be focused on to the draft, free agency and the mystery of the NFL labor situation. That's good. Replaying the game is of no benefit.

Maybe it helps that we're not under two feet of snow, too.

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