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A day at Dealey Plaza

February 5, 2011 - Buck Frank
The sun finally came out here in Dallas on Saturday, and after writing a few stories this morning, I had a couple of hours to venture out into the city.

I took a train to Dealey Plaza to check out where JFK was murdered by Lee Harvey Oswald (and the other shooters, if that's what you believe). I've always loved history and make a point when I'm in a city for the first time to try and visit a historical site.

The line to get in the former Texas School Book Depository building was too long, so I walked over to the Grassy Knoll area on Elm Street and tried to take myself back 48 years. An X on the road marked the spot where Kennedy was hit with the first bullet -- the magical one.

The city of Dallas hasn't done much to change the area except for a memorial that was built near the fence where the supposed second shooter stood. I went up and stood behind that fence, and, well, the conspiracy theories started rushing through my brain -- I'm going to have to watch Oliver Stone's "JFK' again soon.

Down on the sidewalk at the Grassy Knoll were two NFL head coaches -- John Harbaugh of the Ravens and Jim Harbaugh of the 49ers. They were checking out the area as I was. I was surprised to see none of the Steelers fans there giving John Harbaugh a hard time.

Then I had this sobering thought: Nearly 50 years after Abraham Zapruder was able to film the final moments of President Kennedy's life because he had a home-movie camera, I am standing in a historical place for maybe the only time in my life, and all I have is an outdated cell phone camera.

Oh well, I'm glad I was able to visit the area. It was both fascinating and eerie. I'll always remember where I was the day JFK was murdered -- nonexistence.

Thanks for reading and taking a small trip to the past. And if you want to see any of my photos, you'll have to text me.

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