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Paterno being petty and vindictive with Bolden

January 7, 2011 - Cory Giger
Joe Paterno is being petty about the whole Rob Bolden situation. He's coming across as vindictive and mean-spirited in holding a grudge against Bolden instead of simply just letting him transfer.

Maybe JoePa has some well-intentioned plans here, but my guess is he's simply just punishing the kid. Paterno is angry about putting time and faith in Bolden, so he's teaching him a lesson by putting the screws to him.

There's nothing noble, admirable or respectable about that.

Bolden doesn't want to be at Penn State. His dad doesn't want him there. Heck, Paterno may not even want him there any longer after how messy all this has gotten in recent days.

I'm on record saying both Boldens are being immature and impatient.

But the flipside is Paterno is playing with a kid's life and a family's livelihood here. If he doesn't release Bolden from his scholarship and the kid still leaves, he's going to have to pay his own way at a school for a year while he sits out.

So basically, Paterno would be deliberately costing the Boldens $50,000 or more.

Paterno did this a few years back with Adam DiMichele, who committed to Penn State as a defensive back before changing his mind to pursue a baseball career. Paterno wouldn't release DiMichele from his scholarship, so the kid had to go the JUCO route before ending up at Temple as a quarterback.

There is precedent here, and the precedent is this: Joe Paterno will do many great things to help young athletes, but if you cross him, he's going to make you pay. Literally.

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