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Joe Paterno needs a hearing aid to avoid these kind of ridiculous situations

November 28, 2010 - Cory Giger
Joe Paterno can't hear well anymore, and if he plans to return as Penn State's coach in 2011, he needs to get a hearing aid. That's not meant to be mean or disrespectful. It's simply pointing out a long overdue fact.

We have a video linked to the right that shows JoePa being asked in his postgame press conference Saturday to evaluate quarterback Matt McGloin. As has been the case many times this season, Paterno didn't hear a very simple question that was worded clearly and succinctly -- this time by Joe Juliano from the Philadelphia Inquirer -- and he got confused.

He somehow seemed to think the question was about Rob Bolden and started talking about how it was a "dumb question."

It was sad to watch the scene play out from just a few feet away in the media room, and the video captures the uncomfortable tone that could be felt by everyone there.

This man is a legend. He's an icon. But his decision not to do something about his hearing and his rambling responses because of that have led to some embarrassing situations that are hurting the Penn State football program.

If a high school player is being recruited by a lot of schools, don't you think other coaches are showing the kid videos like the one that played out Saturday?

"Why would you want to go to Penn State?" the coach will ask the kid. "Paterno can't even hear you."

JoePa sometimes comes across as a senile old man, and that probably could be easily corrected if he just did something to improve his hearing. His mind is still sharp, which he has proven on many occasions recently.

Paterno is a tough guy, perhaps the toughest you'll ever meet. He's probably too proud to admit to himself that he needs a hearing aid, just like many people are when they get into that situation.

But this shouldn't be about pride or Paterno proving how tough he is.

You can't run a Division I football program when you can't hear.

It's ironic that the video we linked to here was shot by Mark Brennan of Fight On State. Earlier this year, when Brennan asked Paterno to clarify a response, the coach fired back, "That's tough. Get a hearing aid."

JoePa needs to take his own advice.

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