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NFL commish slaps Steelers in face with weak punishment of Seymour

November 23, 2010 - Cory Giger
NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is a hypocrite.

The Raiders' Richard Seymour should have been suspended and made an example of for his pathetic punch in the head of Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger well after the play Sunday.

Instead, Goodell, who has been policing players more than any commissioner in league history, levied only a $25,000 fine for Seymour.

That's absurd.

You don't jack quarterbacks in the head after a play! It's ridiculous, especially in a league that goes out of its way to protect QBs to the point where it's a penalty if you breathe on a guy.

That small of a fine for that kind of blatant disregard is cray. Even if you don't think a suspension is warranted, the fine should have been more like $75-$100,000, or more in the neighborhood of what the Steelers' James Harrison got for a hit that wasn't even a penalty.

Is Goodell making an example of the Steelers? It sure looks like it with such a paltry penalty for Seymour.

Most of the country can't stand Big Ben because of his legal problems, so many people probably think he got what's coming to him.

But this isn't about Ben. It's about smacking a QB in the head, and that kind of thing can't be tolerated.

Goodell blew it.

If that hit had happened on Tom Brady, you can guarantee someone would have been suspended.

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