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Ridiculous e-mail from a sports fan who has no idea what I do

November 7, 2010 - Cory Giger
Apparently I'm supposed to be ashamed of myself for not believing Penn State and the Steelers are the greatest things in the history of the world and for actually picking one to lose from time to time.

This is an actual e-mail I received today:

"You ought to be ashamed of yourself for predicting a losing score for Penn State. I know you are not from around here, but your in Penn State and Steeler Country, you don't go against the home teams."

I'm a journalist. You're a fan. It's my job to analyze games. It's your job to hope everything goes rosy for your team.

It's remarkable to me how some fans take everything so personally about their teams. Just because a reporter picks against your team doesn't mean we hate the team.

(By the way, I take the time to respond to every e-mail personally and invite anyone to e-mail me at any time. The reason I posted this blog is to hopefully cut down on the numerous e-mails like this one I get from fans who think everything I do should be supportive of Penn State.)

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