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Totally "Lost": Gearing up for "The Candidate"...

May 3, 2010 - Ray Eckenrode

  Gearing up Tuesday’s episode of “Lost”:

  The countdown: After this episode, there are four hours of “Lost” left.

  Title: “The Candidate”

  Significance: Based on the fact the rest of the 815ers are trying to flee the island and Jack is planning on staying, let’s assume the title is a reference to his candidacy to replace Jacob. But there the usual (and very well done, we must say) double meaning in regard to something that happens in the sideways reality that’s revealed in one of the sneak peeks below.

  Centricity: Jack

  Buzz: The buzz has been out there for weeks on this one and it’s simple: There will be blood.

  Rewatch: Time is of the essence (we know, we know, time IS the essence) so we went with 1x23 “Exodus, Part I.” Stuff we noticed:
  > It’s interesting that Danielle links a pillar of black smoke with an imminent attack by The Others, saying it happened to her shortly after Alex was born and it’s going to happen again shortly after Aaron was born.
  > While everyone else is fleeing from the monster, Locke remains calm and tells Hurley knowingly, “It’s heading the other way.”
  > As Jin and Sun are making up, he tells her, “I’m in this place because I’m being punished.”

  Plotline: Jack is suspicious of Locke’s intentions when he’s asked to follow through on a difficult task.

  Sneak peeks (Spoilery this week):

  Revelations, observations, investigations and questions:
  Investigation #1: It’s either one of the biggest continuity screwups in “Lost” history or a major clue that we’re not smart enough to decipher: How did sideways Sun and Locke wind up at the hospital at the same time? Using common sense and the in-show clues provided, it would seem that it was only a day (or two at most) after sideways 815 landed that Sun was shot. But applying the same principles, it would seem it was a minimum of three days (and likely several days longer) after 815 returned when Locke was smashed by the car driven by Desmond.
  Sun: Detained at airport, arrives at hotel, seduces Jin, awakes to Keamy at the door, taken to bank, arrives at restaurant, shot. (Sayid’s timeline seems to coincide with the shooting occurring on the day after 815 landed.)
  Locke: Arrives home and wheelchair tips, goes to work and fired by Randy, meets Hurley in parking lot, goes to temp agency, reports as substitute teacher and meets Ben, plants the seed in Ben’s mind of going after principal job, stuck in parking lot after work. (Even if you make the gigantic leap that Locke was fired, went to the agency and started as a substitute all on the day after 815 landed, it still would take at least two more days for the Ben principal drama to play out.)
  Observation #1: Have you noticed how more and more people are just calling Flocke “Locke”? (That’s a rhetorical question so it counts as an observation.)
  Revelation #1: We don’t think it’s too spoilerish to note that the lovely and talented Allison Janney plays a pivotal role in next week’s pivotal episode, the long awaited Jacob and MIB flashback. TPTB say they wrote the part with her in mind.
  Question #1: We still have to find out who #108 Wallace is, right? Right?

  Classic “Lost”:
  > Death has played an intricate role in “Lost” since the very beginning. Deaths have been shocking (Ana Lucia and Libby), senseless (Shannon), mysterious (Eko), humorous (Arzt) and applauded (Nikki and Paulo) but not death has been as graceful as Charlie’s demise in 3x23 “Through the Looking Glass.” This remains the single best scene we’ve seen in “Lost” so far.

  Tweets for the Tweeps:
  > We’ll be Tweeting during tonight’s episode, using the hash tag #MirrorLost.
  > Although you do have to have a Twitter account to join in the discussion, you don’t need one to follow. You can check at any time OR you can check out the master Twitter feed we installed recently on the righthand side of the homepage.

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