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Here and there: "Lost", NFL Draft

April 24, 2010 - Ray Eckenrode

Totally "Lost"
  > No new "Lost" this week so we'll lay off the dissertation this weekend in favor of some quick hits and be back with something more meaty next Saturday.
  > Up until Friday, most of the finale spoilers coming out of Hawaii had been pretty tame, but there's info from a leaked call sheet making the rounds now (and we've seen it on several mainstream sites, not just fan sites) that you'd be wise to avoid if you want to remain virginal for the May 23 finale. BTW, shooting in Hawaii wraps today. The question remains whether there will be further secret scenes shot in studio in Hollywood.
  > We don't think it's too spoilerish to say that when "Lost" returns it will be with the most gut-wrenching episode ever on May 4 and the most bizarre episode ever on May 11.
  > After Flocke's assertion last week that he had manifested the form of Christian Shephard on the island, it's becoming clear to us that these questions are a big part of the end game: What happened to Christian's body in the island timeline? When is Jack's father's casket going to show up in the sideways and who's going to be in it? 

NFL Draft, Day 2
  > Maybe it's the Limas Sweed thing or maybe it's the Tony Hills and Kraig Urbik disasters, but we just get the feeling the Steelers are losing their touch in the NFL Draft. We're not claiming to be a draft expert who knows more than Kevin Colbert and Co. This is just a fan's instinct. But the Steelers left Kyle Wilson on the board in Round 1. They left Sean Lee and Golden Tate there in Round 2. And they left Eric Decker and Brandon Ghee there in Round 3. We just get bad vibes from all those decisions.
  > Applying that same thinking to last year's draft: In Round 1, the Steelers took Ziggy Hood. Two players who went in the next 10 picks -- Rey Maualuga and massive tackle Eben Britton -- became immediate NFL starters and future All Pros and both would have filled massive Steelers needs. Hindsight is 20/20 but we're just sayin'.
  > Today's festivities include the most important fifth round in Steelers history with four, count 'em, four selections.

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