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NFL Draft Day 1 roundup...

April 23, 2010 - Ray Eckenrode

The Twitter perspective
  We know we're becoming a Twitter honk, but following the first round there was so much more informative and entertaining than having to listen to that overbearing blowhard Chris Berman, his Sidekick Who Shall Never Be Named Again and the consistently incorrect Mel Kiper. What we media types don't fully understand (or maybe do understand but don't want to admit) is the way the Internet has shifted power from content creators to content users. With Twitter, WE decide who we want to cover the draft for us. Our "team" included Adam Schefter, Jay Glazer and Peter King for insider info, Michael Lombardi, Pat Kirwan and Daniel Jeremiah for football knowledge and Jason Whitlock for smartalecky commentary. Our coverage was great and it was exactly what we wanted.

A sense of deja vu
  In a lot of ways, the first round seemed familiar:
  > The Steelers played it safe and predictable.
  > The Cowboys did something flashy.
  > Someone made a head scratching pick (the Jags) that left their fans dumbfounded.
  > One of the new multimillionaires (in this case, Gerald McCoy) flashed hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of jewelry.
  > One potential multimillionaire was left sour-faced as team as team after team failed to call his name, each pick a slap in the face, each draining a few hundred thousand from the imaginary bank account in his head. Poor Jimmy Clausen.

Don't believe the hype
  The most overhyped (or lied about) player was Iowa tackle Bryan Bulaga, who allegedly was slated to go at No. 4 on some draft boards. He went at No. 23 to Green Bay.

  It'll be a few years before we know for sure if the Cowboys did the Steelers a favor or not, but Dez Bryant was heading to Baltimore before Jerry Jones swooped in and nabbed him by trading into the 24th spot.

Cornering the market
  When the Steelers passed on Kyle Wilson or Kareem Jackson at 18, you knew the Jets were going to grab one of them (in this case, Wilson). The Jets now have Darrelle Revis, Antonio Cromartie and Wilson to compete in their division against Tom Brady and Brandon Marshall. Meanwhile, in a draft where five CBs went in the first round, the Steelers went another way. As Buck Frank pointed out in our Mirror vodcast earlier this week, hopefully that means they know something about second-year man Keenan Lewis that we don't know.

Sweet tweet
 From WhitlockJason: "Tim Tebow is now the most famous white Bronco since OJ and AC."

Looking ahead
  If the Steelers go corner in the second round, Wake Forest's Brandon Ghee is likely their guy.

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