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No Brackets

March 14, 2010 - John Mehno

Here's a totally safe prediction: Office copy machines across North America will be working overtime this week, churning out bracket sheets for the NCAA Tournament.

The match-ups were set Sunday night, an event that's so big it gets its own TV show now.

People love the pools. I was in spring training for years when the Pirates would have several pools going at once, some of them for high stakes. Players who didn't know UCLA from YMCA were throwing money into the pools. Athletes have a competitive natue, and they like to have something on the line.

Personally, I have no office (just a cluttered work table and no staff) and therefore no pool. It's OK, though. I have only a very casual interest in college basketball and can't deconstruct the brackets the way experts like Neil Rudel and Ray Eckenrode do. I'll leave all of that to them.

However, good luck to you and your brackets. And remember to put more toner in the machine.

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