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Super Sunday: The Show

February 8, 2010 - Keith Frederick
Who dat dat tink dem Saints were da main event?!

Yes, the Aints are no more, as Drew Brees and his boys brought a championship to New Orleans. But to many people, the Super Bowl is as much spectacle as NFL championship.

So, in order to provide a bit of a look into that spectacle, I present:

The Super Bowl: The Show

  • The pregame: Too, too, too, too long. Oh, and it was long. On the plus side, I loved Jay-Z and Rihanna adapting "Run This Town" as a Super Bowl intro.

    On a side note, big props to Bill Cowher for being the only analyst to pick the Saints. PITTSBURGH BABY!!!! WOOOOOO!!!!!


  • Halftime: I understand the recent geriatric showcase that is the Superbowl Halftime Show, Sponsored by Papa Bridgestone's Grilled Doritos Insurance. No one wants America's youth to see Janet Jackson's breast again. God forbid.

    But there has to be a respectable modern artist who can put on a good show without being dirty.

    Trotting The Who out there was just depressing. Old Roger Daltrey's voice is unqualified to hit Young Roger Daltrey's notes. And though it was great to see him playing guitar and doing the windmill strums, Pete Townshend sounded like he was singing harmony with a mouth full of broken glass.

    I love The Who. Last night's performance was not The Who. Take away the rhythm section and their voices and Daltrey and Townshend are just two old guys doing bad karaoke.

  • The Commercials: This is what you were waiting for, right? Ok, there was quite a bit that was really good, but I'm just going to do Top 5.
  • Top 5 Super Bowl Commercials

    • 5. "Talking Baby Drama" - E-Trade - I am a sucker for the E-Trade talking baby. I liked all of the ads with the kid in them, but I most liked the one with him explaining to his girlfriend why he didn't call.
    • 4. "Megan Fox" - Motorola - Gorgeous starlet takes snap shot of herself in the bath and wonders what would happen if she sent it out to the world, using Motoblur technology. Answer? Chaos ensues.
    • 3. "Betty White football" - Snickers - Betty White represents man's football ability while hungry. Cameo by Abe Vigoda!
    • 2. "Punxsutawney Polamalu" - TruTV - I honestly don't even remember what the product was, but Troy Polamalu as Punxsutawney Phil was incredible.
    • 1. "Kid's Warning" - Doritos - Kid threatens Mom's date not to touch his mother, or his Doritos.

    Obviously, they weren't all hits. Some of them were awful. Outside of the usual suspects for terrible ads - and Emerald Nuts spring to mind - the worst ads included Charles Barkley rapping about Taco Bell (We get it, Chuck, you got fat. Now shut up about it), the Papa Johns founder delivering more pizzas (Haven't we seen that commercial for six months now?) and the Super Bowl Shuffle version 2.0 (Obviously, Jim McMahon hasn't developed any shame since 1985).

What was your favorite part of the Super Sunday entertainment?

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