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I'm snowed in

February 6, 2010 - John Mehno

Had more than a foot of snow fall since around 4 o'clock Friday afternoon, and it's still comng down. I know that's nothing to the hardy people of Blair County and environs, but it's a big deal here. It concerns me that the lights have dimmed briefly a few times, so I'll get my column on its way to the Mirror as soon as possible. That's assuming the Mirror can publish and get papers to your doorstep, of course.

The forecasters had it right this time. I walked out of Penguins practice at Mellon Arena around 12:30, saw that the snow had started and hustled home, passing on planned trips to the bank and Post Office. Nobody's coming here, and I'm not going anywhere, so it's all good. I assume the Penguins made their flight to Montreal, but I wonder if they're going to be able to get to DC for Sunday's scheduled noon start against the Capitals. 

Now I'm hoping for some industrious kid to come by and offer to shovel out the sidewalk for a fee. It looks like too ambitious a job for someone of my vintage.

No need to worry -- I'm well stocked with snacks in anticipation of Sunday's big game, and I was also able to grab two 20-ounce bottles of Pepsi Throwback. I also have plenty of hot chocolate mix.

Hope you're coping OK and have a moment to click on the links for some fine tunes for a winter day.

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