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Music by Treadmill Trackstar

February 1, 2010 - Emily Dimov-Gottshall


Recently, I was contacted by a group based in South Carolina, called Treadmill Trackstar. They have an eclectic sound, mixed with grunge and melodic alternative pop making them unique and one-of-a-kind in nature. I reviewed their latest CD, i belong to me.



Treadmill Trackstar band members include, Angelo Gianni (Vox/Guitars/Keys), Tony Lee (Drums), Heidi Carey (Cello), and Mike Mills (Bass/Vox). Though the band has had some twists and turns, "there were lots of personnel changes until our first indie-record was released in 1994," they have succeeded in creating a new self. In 96 they were signed to Atlantic, then, “ were dropped and disbanded in 98 and got back together in 2007."  Their newest work, "i belong to me" which they self produced/created has a fresh feel and new take on familiar themes of finding direction in life. Self producing their CD, in itself, is noteworthy as this takes a lot of collaboration between artists and coordination to pull this off well. And Treadmill Trackstar, does a great job of creating their newest work in nearly 10 years.



Several songs stand out as edgy and soulful with the words making it have a strong philosophical as well as guttural feel such as “Hands Off”. There is a feeling of anger and rage that make the words heavy with sorrow. Then, there is a switch of emotions and energy in several of the songs that give it an air of reflection. The mix of cello and guitar base/drums brings to mind Smashing Pumpkins energy such as in the song "Tonight".  Would love to hear more of the leads played by the cellist, Heidi Carey…this is what gives many of the songs their unique edge.


The song lyrics have a strong sense of self and reflection...Details grab your attention and the sense of loss, time gone by is a running theme through many of the pieces. This CD really captures the sense of confusion/angst of a generation of people as well as highlighting a longing for direction. "Greener Grass" track exemplifies this feeling.


It was refreshing to listen to "I Belong To You", one of their more energetic songs which definitely is an alternative pop feel, as described by the band member, Angelo.


Many of the songs are made more soulful by the cello and down tempo of songs. I could easily see more work by this group and how each CD would be a reflective/experimental collection. They have a huge range which is pulled off well. Maybe, we won’t have to wait another 10 years for Treadmill Trackstar’s next collaboration. They are planning work on a current album called, "Snow White Snow". 


I looked up their website and they have a call for video artists to interpret their songs. There is a lot of room to play as each song is unique and could be interpreted in several different ways.

The cover of their CD has all the feel of a semi-abstract with a touch of flavor with the colors. Well presented, it draws the viewer in and makes you look closer, wondering what is hidden inside this collection of songs. If you’re in the mood for some unique music that will match your moody inner anarchist, I’d go and pick this up for some contemplative daydreaming. 

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