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Happy Hallo-weenie! Keepin' it safe....

October 30, 2009 - Amy Jo Hanna-Eckenrode
BOO! Happy Halloweenie!

I wasn’t going to do a traditional “trick or treat holiday safety” blog but then I have to remind myself that some people are truly hearing and learning these critical safety facts for the first time.  Therefore, you can never stop educating people. (So, don’t ever stop)

Mazey, my old Golden gal, only wants bothered with breakfast, dinner, treats and her trips out to go potty. Oh, and the smell of chicken, rice and toast actually put an amazing little ‘hop’ in her arthritic step.

 However last night as I was preparing my costume for work, Eli, my wonder cat, got into a playful mood and became obsessed with trying to combat my jumpsuit and wrap himself in it.  It was so funny to watch until I realized how easily an everyday item can become a potential hazard to a pet (or child for that matter).

So on this fun, festive holiday, let’s remember how colorful, out-of-the-ordinary items and/or tasty treats can be exceptionally enticing – yet dangerous -- to our fur kids.

Dog and cat digestive systems are not designed to process artificial foods such as chocolates and sugars. (Not that our human bodies are designed to process such foods either) but… these foods can not only upset your pet’s digestive system and cause the you-know-what’s but the ingredients can be fatal to your pet - don't feed your dog chocolate, period.

Don’t forget about the wrappers either. A plastic candy wrapper can easily become lodged in your pet's throat blocking the airway and be too far down the tract for your big fingers to retrieve.

Buttons, wigs, sparkly sequins, ropes, toy accessories, even the bags that costumes come in can all be quite attractive to your fur kids who are bred with an unending curiosity and an inherent nature to explore.

If you feel the need to dress your animal in costume these tips are extra important to remember.

Excited, wagging tails and curious cats will want to examine this round object you’ve carved holes into and scraped goopy gook out of– it has an interesting smell to it you know – and the glow of candles are an added attraction and can be easily knocked off their safe foundation.

If you’re entertaining at home, don’t forget that your pets may not be accustomed to all the additional commotion. Their hearing is also superior to yours so loud music and loud people will add extra stress. Too much noise and an open door make for a welcome reprieve for pets seeking the solace of a quiet place. Partying peeps aren’t necessarily paying attention to what they’re sitting around on nearby tables or furniture. If easily accessible at pet level, all is fair game in a pet’s eyes.

Have a bewitching good time this weekend – just don’t forget to look at everything through the eyes of your fur babies as well to make sure your holiday remains as safe as it is fun.

Amy, Mazey and Eli

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