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Condolences ... on your pick

September 21, 2009 - Neil Rudel

I'm accepting condolences on going out of my suicide poll for the second straight year before October.

Actually, at this rate, I'd like to live to see October.

(For those not familiar with suicide pools, you pick one winner per week -- just to win, no points involved -- but you can only pick that team once).

Last year, it was Miami taking out New England in Week 3.

This year, it was Tennessee -- with 10 days rest -- going splat against the Houston Texans.

I was told I should have known I was on borrowed time having survived with New England in opening week. I preferred to think it was an omen.

In our pool of 226 (12 were eliminated the first week), 20 of us went out riding the Titans (including my father-in-law, who can't get by Week 2, either) and 50 were on the Packers (including my son-in-law).

Dark day, indeed, in the Rudel house.

Seriously, how do you pick the NFL? Stay away from divisional rivals in suicide pools, I'm told. Fine. So you ride the Packers against the Bengals -- straight over a cliff.

Of the 15 NFL games Sunday, nine underdogs won outright and 10 underdogs covered.

Its competitive balance and unpredictability has left the NFL with no peer.

And me counting the days until next "suicide" season.


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