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Hot Enough For You?

August 11, 2009 - John Mehno

Summer finally got here on Sunday, which made the last game of the Pirates' homestand a bit of an ordeal.

I sit in the third row of the press box, a place any breeze never reaches. A small fan helps. I also heed the advice that former Pirates trainer Kent Biggerstaff offered a long time ago: When it's hot, don't drink anything you can't see through. So it's either water or Gatorade, and plenty of them. You have to hydrate.

Which brings me to a couple of pet peeves:

When you buy the two-liter bottles of soda at the supermarket, why do the cashiers slam dunk them down the counter? That means you can't open them for at least a month. Even then, you'll lose a few ounces of product to the carbonation explosion that's built up. You'll also have a sticky mess on your hands. I know it's not easy dealing with the public as much as cashiers do. That explains why they're always carrying on conversations with their co-workers, usually complaining about their schedules. But please, handle with care.

Who had the bright idea to change the formula for Popsicles? I'm talking about the original, name brand Popsicles. For decades they were a consistent summer treat. Then someone messed with success and took away the artificial coloring and flavoring. I saw something on the box saying they contained a percentage of real fruit juice. The new ones are awful. I don't even buy them any more, I get the house brand at Aldi. If I want real fruit content, I'll buy the frozen fruit bars. And I wish I could get the Frozfruit brand watermelon bars. They're great, but no one seems to have them.

OK, end of rant. Carry on, stay cool as much as you can, and remember to hydrate.

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