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Why some people drive me crazy

May 8, 2009 - John Mehno

I'm watching TV the other day and there's a story on the news about a snafu involving the Penguins. Apparently they have a deal where college kids can send a text message and enter a drawing for some playoff tickets. When it came time to notify the winner, something went haywire and they sent the message to everyone on their list.

Oops. So they send out a correction message and apologize. Poor PR guy Tom McMillan has to stand in front of the cameras and say they messed up and they're sorry.

It was a bad situation. It's terrible to tell people they've won a prize, then come back and say uh, no you didn't win after all. To ease the bad feelings, they came up with a consolation prize. The people who got the false message were given two tickets for a regular season game next year, plus a cap and t-shirt, plus a $25 gift card. Not bad.

Some kid interviewed on TV whines, "But it's not the same as playoff tickets." Hey, bub....get over it. They didn't have to do anything. They made a mistake and they're trying to make things right. You never really had the playoff tickets anyway. So take the consolation prize, move on, and know that you'll have a story to tell your kids someday.

People. They'll drive you crazy.

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