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AFC Championship postgame

January 19, 2009 - Buck Frank

--Mike Tomlin and many of the Steeler players commented on how the hitting Sunday was no different than any other Steelers-Ravens game. That was the 10th Steelers-Ravens game I've witnessed, and that certainly was above and beyond anything I've seen.

--Ryan Clark is one of the most cooperative and most quotable players from a media standpoint -- although most Steelers are that way. He's also not very big. It's just hard to imagine he's the same guy out on the field making those crushing hits.

--I was really fearing for the worst after that hit on Willis McGahee.

--Many are already assuming the Ravens will only get better next year with Joe Flacco becoming more comfortable. They face many offseason decisions. In the NFL, nothing is a guarantee. The Ravens could very well be a 6-10 team next year.

--The Steelers could, too.

--Hines Ward's knee looked fine when he was running around the stadium after the game. I haven't yet seen any odds on who will be the Super Bowl MVP, but I'm guessing Ward won't be near the top of the list. I'm guessing the top ones would be Ben Roethlisberger, Larry Fitzgerald, Kurt Warner, James Harrison, Troy Polamalu. Ward, though, could solidify an eventual Hall of Fame nod with a second Super Bowl MVP trophy.

--Tomlin said he'll seek advice from Tony Dungy in preparation for the Super Bowl. I'm guessing he won't talk to Bill Cowher because who knows which team Cowher will be pulling for?

--When did catching a ball, getting both feet down and getting the ball over the goal line not become a touchdown? Not sure if the call was bad or the rule is bad, but it just doesn't make sense.

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