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The Steelers are going to the Super Bowl and I'm not

January 19, 2009 - John Mehno

The bad thing about the Steelers' victory in the AFC Championship game Sunday is everyone who knows what I do will ask cheerfully, "Are you going to the Super Bowl?" Then when I answer that I'm not, they'll get this look of concern and pity that says, "Wow, this poor chump is a sports writer and he doesn't get to go to the Super Bowl when his team is in it. Must be a real loser."

It's OK. Really. I don't want to go. For the most part, I don't want to go anywhere. I like being home because all my stuff is here. I even skipped my annual New York City holiday tour in December because I couldn't muster enough enthusiasm for it. Yes, there's nothing like a corned beef sandwich from the Carnegie Deli, but it's hard to justify the expense of getting and staying there when you really don't want to. So I didn't go, and I was delighted last week when my credit card statement showed a four-figure refund on the hotel I didn't use.

So no Super Bowl for me, The Steelers are making their seventh trip and they've all been without me. That's fine. I don't even like to go to Super Bowl parties. I want to watch the game, and that's hard to do at parties. Someone with bad information is always pontificating. I covered Jim Tracy for two years and that left me with a very low tolerance for gasbags.

Being at the game is even worse. Postseason events are media mob scenes and nothing is bigger than the Super Bowl. It's an impossible working environment. made even sillier by the people who are assigned to report on the media crunch while also contributing to it. I don't know if the Mirror's Buck Frank is going, but I hope he is. He'll do a fine job, as always, and he's young and sturdy and much better equipped to handle inconvenience than I am.

If you're going, great. I'm happy for you. Have a good time, Lift a bottle for me outside your Winnebago.

I'll be on the couch, very happily.

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