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What a world

December 11, 2008 - John Mehno

You may be aware that former Pirates manager Chuck Tanner was a crime victim while he was confined to a hospital.

Tanner, 79, had gone in for tests because doctors feared he might have cancer. While he was sleeping, someone stole a ring off his finger. It wasn't his 1979 World Series ring, but it still had great sentimental value. It was one of a kind, a ring the owners of the Chicago White Sox had custom made to thank Tanner for his work in resurrecting the team in 1972.

It would be impossible to sell that as a collectible because it would be too obvious it's a stolen item. The fear is the thief may sell it to one of those places that melts down jewelry for gold. Tanner says he won't press charges if the ring is returned.

The sad thing about this is Tanner is such a nice guy, the thief would have gotten money if he had just asked. That's Chuck Tanner's nature. When there was a newspaper strike a while back, Tanner found out a reporter was worried about being able to make his house payments. He sought out the guy and told him not to worry, that he would be there to help. It never got to that point, thankfully, but Tanner was sincere. He would have written a check if the need was there.

Typical of his nature, Tanner is focused on the good news: The tests showed he didn't have cancer.

Nobody should be a crime victim, but it's really awful when the target is someone as good as Chuck Tanner.

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