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An ounce of prevention...

November 21, 2008 - Amy Jo Hanna-Eckenrode
If you’re like so many of us… er…me…, you’re feeling a bit strapped in the ‘ole purse strings this time of year – or in this economy. Actually, I could use my own economic bailout about now. I’m learning to cut so many corners I think I might have a future in NASCAR.

I don’t mind skimping on things I usually buy for myself but I cringe a bit when I have to think about how my tightened budget may impact Mazey and Eli. They really don’t require all that much – food, water, a few treats.

Eli does require a bit more care -- a daily dose of CatSure, a meal replacement supplement and a monthly dose of antibiotics. I’ve researched and found the best price on the CatSure by ordering directly from the company (a 1/3 of the cost than buying retail at PetCo.)

Because he has only a few teeth remaining, Eli is dependent on a diet of moist food but I found an off brand that he likes and that is comparable in quality to the name brand and I buy it and Mazey’s food in bulk (Purina Pro Plan) when it’s on sale.

I’ve read contradicting articles about people who despite the poor economy are not cutting back on pampering their pets and those who have had to do everything including give up their pets because they could no longer afford to care for them. I would rather eat peanut butter sandwiches every day in order to ensure my babies had the essentials.

Vet visits for an unexpected illness or annual shots can create an unanticipated expense; however, if you have pets, it’s important to anticipate the unexpected.

Following is a link to the ASPCA who offers a list of the "Top 10 Ways to Save Money on Vet Care".  Like with us humans, it seems preventative care measures are well worth the time and effort to stave off potential, unnecessary problems and expenses.

Cut coupons, shop for sales, and keep up with preventative care -- works just as well to ensure our furry friends are well-cared for during frugal times.

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