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On an (NFL) suicide mission

September 18, 2008 - Neil Rudel

There's a rule in Fantasy sports: Don't gloat.

The minute you call up your arch enemy in the local fantasy league -- OK, mine's Larry McAleer -- and celebrate your great weekend is the minute one of your stars snaps something.

So it is with that understanding that I tread gingerly into some disclosure about my first venture into an NFL suicide pool.

(It's actually my second exposure. My son Adam and my father-in-law, Joe DeLeo, were partners two years ago, and I stuck my nose in just far enough to help get them eliminated in Week 2. I felt badly and vowed to get my own team, which I now have, and -- without me -- they've again been eliminated in Week 2).

I don't want to jinx myself by blogging about it, but that is outweighed by the fact that so many are interested in these suicide pools and it should be fun to write about -- for as long as I live anyway.

I'm in a league that started with 202 and has quickly been trimmed to 128 the first two weeks with most of the 74 casualties coming courtesy of Indianapolis/San Diego in Week No. 1 and Seattle in Week No. 2. (The DeLeo-A.Rudel team had Seattle :(

I've survived the first two weeks with picks of the Steelers and Tampa Bay.

(In case you're not familiar with suicide rules, you make one pick per week to win -- no points are involved -- but you can only pick that team once per season so it helps to plan ahead).

My pick this week -- cue the drum roll -- is New England.

I didn't jump on the Pats as 16-point favorites in the opener against Kansas City (60 people did). Once Tom Brady got hurt, all these people looked a little smarter so I want to get in before we find out too much more about this Cassel.

Plus I figure there will be later chances to pick this week's other prohibitive favorites such as Buffalo, San Diego and the New York Giants (Bucky Frank's pick).

Based on my history, the Pats are in trouble, but I'll roll the dice and hope to update you next week.

My goal is to be blogging on this suicide mission during Thanksgiving week.



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