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I'm thinking Rhode Island

August 7, 2008 - Amy Jo Hanna-Eckenrode
I'm thinking Rhode Island may be the state I should move to. It's the state that actually gets the least amount of rain if you can believe that. I couldn't especially since it's a coastal state but it's true.  I'm just not sure how many more nights I can go without a full night's sleep.
Mazey is traumatized by thunder and lightening and often even the sound of rain has her panting, pawing at me and pacing until I get out of bed and work to calm her down and distract her. I'm still big on the all natural Content-UM pills I can get at PetCo and have now found even cheaper online through They contain the same calming stuff turkey has that makes us want to nap after Thanksgiving dinner; and, I am not ashamed to say that from April through Hurricane season I keep Mazey pumped full of them. They are natural and quite calming for her. And me. However, I am now on night two of little sleep and as I sit here typing what seems like endless letters running together on my blog I feel for every parent of a newborn baby with colic (I was that baby) who didn't sleep through the night.
I had a lunch meeting yesterday with a fellow media partner and as I half-guiltfully reviewed information through my bloodshot eyes, I noticed he was staring back at (or more like through me) with a similar glazed over look. I paused long enough for him to apologize that he was delirious from lack of sleep from the night before because his boys' hockey game ran late. They were home in bed as he and I staggered through lunch trying to make heads or tails of our task at hand.

Parenthood. I don't know how parents do it. They amaze me. I barely have the energy to care for the all crazy animals that creep into my life. Sleep. I need sleep.... How far is Rhode Island?

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