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Crazy From The Heat

July 15, 2008 - John Mehno

I'm watching a little of the MLB Home Run Derby, and Josh Hamilton is launching baseballs all over Yankee Stadium. Chris Berman and Joe Morgan are on commentary, and they're perfect for an event like this. One of them notes that Hamlton had been in a home run slump lately, but it looks like that's over.

Huh? There's a big difference between blasting custom-ordered batting practice lobs and hitting home runs in competitive situations in real games, isn't there?

Then I see the TV news has a story on an eBay auction of the Steelers' first two Super Bowl rings. Someone who worked in the front office lost them in bankruptcy. The bidding is over $14,000. What would you do with them? Wear them? Did you earn them? Of course not. So why would you wear them? Display them? OK, but that doesn't make much sense, either.

Nice to see Nate McLouth on the All-Star team. He's a genuinely nice guy and works hard. He could legitimately scream "I told you so" at the people who were playing Rajai Davis and Nyjer Morgan ahead of him last year, but he's too reserved to do that. Bet it's crossed his mind, though.

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