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Bad habits flourish behind my back

July 1, 2008 - Amy Jo Hanna-Eckenrode
Eli (to left) has discovered ice cubes. He finds them particularly entertaining in Mazey's water bowl instead of his own little kitty-sized bowl which only holds one cube.

Despite the mess he makes it is quite comical to watch his mesmerized gaze follow the floating cubes as he attempts to capture them. (We have sick humor in our family).  If I'm feeling particularly uncaring about the mess being created I'll add a big ice cube to his little bowl. He usually concludes his cube attack with a final death stalk, pounce and slide right into the bowl. By night's end, the entire bowl is empty, water displaced on the floor, cabinets and walls.

These little darlings look so peaceful, don't they? Don't let this photo (to right) deceive you. Kinda reminds you of the harmony that probably surrounded Noah as the wild beasts filed onto the Ark.  Uh huh.... It's more like a silent showdown at the OK Corral. I captured this as I was coming into the house after working in the yard (unexpected I was). Eli who often rests in that area doesn't seem out of place except for the fact that 75 lb. Mazey doesn't lay in that spot. She is however laying in FRONT of Eli's food and water bowl and blocking the entrance to the cellar door where Eli's litter box is located AND, Mazey has just helped herself to the remaining food in Eli's bowl. Licked spotless.

Such little angels....

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