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Bath a cat or stick pencils in my eyes?

June 1, 2008 - Amy Jo Hanna-Eckenrode

Eli needs a bath. Period. As he continues to feel better he is taking on the inherent task of cleaning himself more and more but when he first arrived he was a filthy mess.

He really doesn't stink anymore, he simply needs subjected to some soap and water. I’ve tried many a warm wash clothes but it just doesn’t remove the dirt.After quite the exorcist-like display that only Linda Blair could top when I attempted to lower Eli into the tub the other night I gave up. kinda...

I then purchased ‘waterless’ bath foam at the store. Directions state: “Simply” apply foam to fur working from tail to head, massaging into fur then towel dry. Are these people idiots? They never tried this product on a cat have they? While wrestling with little Regan MacNeil, I did manage to apply enough foam that Eli now smells like Tahitian Gardinia (poor guy).

He’s still not as clean as I’d like him to be so we’ll continue to work on this challenge however, I have discovered a few things I’d rather do than attempt to bath a cat again:


  1. rip my finger and toe nails off with pliers
  2. walk barefoot in an ripe apple field full of yellow jackets
  3. have a tooth filled without Novocain
  4. throw myself into a rabbit briar
  5. plan a family reunion 

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