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A Crazy Sunday Afternoon Tradition Returns

April 25, 2008 - Jim Price
This Sunday afternoon, April 27, things will get crazy at the Greenwood Firehall.  And most of those responsible will be under the age of 21. 

It’s Crazy Fest time again!

The 18th annual Crazy Fest Amateur Youth Talent Show will take place this Sunday starting at 1 PM at the Greenwood Firehall.  Organized and hosted by local entertainer and balloon artist Dennie Huber, Crazy Fest puts the spotlight on the talents of youngsters ages 21 and under.  Youthful entertainers from singers to instrumentalists to dancers to actors, actresses, magicians and more will be able to perform and strut their stuff in front of a friendly and supportive audience, to compete for a multitude of trophies, plaques, awards and recognition.

Crazy Fest is broken down into a variety of categories, to maximize each youngster’s potential to come away with some hardware during the course of the afternoon.  Solo performers are dividied into age divisions, which can change from year to year depending on the number of entrants in any given age group.  There will also be a duo/group division, and an amateur band division for aspiring young bands.  Trophies and awards will be handed out in all of these categories, as well as special fan favorite categories (that the audience can vote on), “future star” awards (as voted on by the judges), and other awards handed out by Crazy Fest sponsors. 

For parents sitting on the bubble and wondering if their child should enter; Dennie Huber reassures everyone that Crazy Fest is NOT American Idol, and that there are no Simon Cowell types present to ridicule or discourage young performers.  Crazy Fest’s goal is always to encourage, and never discourage, youngsters to perform and showcase their talents.

The Crazy Fest judging panel is made up of past Crazy Fest contestants who have aged out of the event.  These judges include performers who have made careers out of their performance art.  

There will also be exhibition performers during the afternoon, as several Crazy Fest alumni and judges will perform during breaks between contest divisions. 

There is no entry fee for youngsters to perform and compete at Crazy Fest.  Entrants may register for Crazy Fest as late as a half-hour before the competition begins.  Interested contestants can obtain an application or register their name by calling Dennie Huber at (814) 942-2516.

For the general public, admission is $2 per person at the door.  All door proceeds fund the various trophies and awards handed out during the afternoon.  Food and refreshments will be available from the Greenwood Fire Company, and all food proceeds help out the fire company. 

As Dennie explains every year, Crazy Fest gets its name from the unpredictable twists and turns the event features every year; from “sleeper” entrants who wind up flooring the audience with their stunning performances, to unique and unusual entertainers, which in past years have included young ethnic folk singers and dancers, harpists, Blues Brothers impersonators, tap dancers, and even a hacky-sack artist! 

Most importantly, Crazy Fest gives young performers the opportunity to taste some limelight and recognition.  For beginning young performers, it can provide the chance for them to decide if entertainment and performing is something they want to pursue further.  And for a few performers, it can be the launching pad to a life and career of entertaining audiences and creating art. 

Somebody gave Dennie Huber that first moment in the limelight many years ago, and he turned it into a career.  During the last Sunday in April every year since 1990, Dennie has reciprocated that favor, and given young people the chance to taste the limelight for the first time at the annual Crazy Fest.

If you’re looking for a fun event to bring the whole family to, come to the Greenwood Firehall this Sunday, and find out what talents this area’s youngsters have to offer at the 18th annual Crazy Fest Amateur Youth Talent Show.

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The organizer and emcee of the annual Crazy Fest Amateur Youth Talent Show, Dennie Huber.