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Preparing for April showers and thunderstorms

March 26, 2008 - Amy Jo Hanna-Eckenrode
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Tis the season for April showers (and accompanying thunder and lightning) and the opening of baseball season (fireworks at Blair County Ballpark). That means I’ll have to have my cabinet stocked full of sedatives for Mazey.

I was so excited last year to find an all-natural pill at Wal*Mart, called Content-Eze by Sergeant's - Nature's Guardian, containing L-Tryptophan as the main calming ingredient, to promote a calm and content feeling (basically the look in her eyes resembles that of a hippie from the 60’s but without the harsh sedatives prescribed by the vet). 

While at Wal*Mart the other day I dutifully headed straight for the pet section to stock up on her ‘thunderstorm pills’.  They were no where to be found. Like a frenzied rat in a maze I must have circled the pet aisles for 20 minutes searching high and low. None in stock. Nowhere. I started hyperventilating. I thought I was going to need a Content Eze myself. What was I going to do? I actually raced up and down the aisles a few more times in disbelief. I must have looked liked a crazed person whizzing back and forth past the same people time and time again.

The next day I headed for PetSmart. I find them a bit more expensive than SuperPetz but I didn’t remember seeing any similar natural product the last time I was at SuperPetz.  At PetSmart, I found several calming pet products. One, called Content-UM, had the most similar look and packaging . The pills look the same as well as the dosage recommendation and price (about $7ish for a box of 30 tablets. I see that there is also a liquid version of Content-UM available as well.) With bad weather looming, I bought two boxes and prayed all the way to the register.

Since Jess hasn’t been around, not only does our home feel quiet empty, but Jess could at least distract Maze and make her feel somewhat foolish for the way she acted when it storms. Without Jess around, Mazey has returned to acting like… well.. like me at Walmart when I can’t find her pills. She about shakes herself apart and pants uncontrollably like she’s hyperventilating and pacing like a wind-up toy.  I gave her the Content-UM pill and like magic, within 10-20 minutes, her panting, pacing and wild-eyed gaze started to subside. She felt comfortable enough find a hiding spot and lay down.

If not for these natural alternatives containing L-Tryptophan (like in turkey) I would be in bad shape (as would Mazey). I just couldn’t give the sedatives prescribed by the vets any longer because of how completely comatose they make the dog seem for days.

So, if you're furbaby is in need of a similar product, I can now comfortably recommend Content-UM. (you can also purchase it online). Mazey goes about 70 lbs. and one whole pill is all it takes. They are chewable and must taste okay because I can give it to her in her food or wrapped in a piece of cheese.

This product also states that it can be given to cats, hamsters, ferrets, rabbits and gerbils. Not for humans however. I guess I have to stick with my Ativan. Or Prozac.

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