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Right or wrong: An eye for an eye

November 15, 2007 - Amy Jo Hanna-Eckenrode
How much more disturbing can people and the news get? Did you catch one of our Letters to the Editor in yesterday's Mirror ("Dog's treatment horrible": click here).

 I first would like to thank the sweetheart of a girl who took the time to write in and for her friend who saved the poor, little abused terrier.  I was appalled to see the incident occurred only a few blocks from my own home.

Let me just say that I would give ANYTHING for this incident to EVER occur in front of me while driving. Not only would the sweet creature be cared for but I can promise the inhumane people who cruelly discarded the poor baby in such a fashion would be sorry I was the one to witness the act. My mama taught me to respect the law but.... 'an eye for an eye' sometimes is necessary. (esp. if it occurred during a severe bout of  PMS, I could only dream!)

just my personal blog opinion of course and does not represent anyone else of importance or anyone too wussy to make such a statement...

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