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Making a buck off of MIchael Vick

August 7, 2007 - Amy Jo Hanna-Eckenrode

Check out Kelly Valeri’s “Take A Bite Out of Crime” blog from Aug. 6 to read about the latest entrepreneurial venture to take advantage of Michael Vick‘s precarious situation. The Michael Vick novelty Dog Chew Toy.

chew toyA company, (or group of irate dog lovers) in Jacksonville, FL (I think) created the look-alike toy and is calling it “a new type of retribution to give every dog a little pay- back. On it’s website, the company states that it hopes the toy will “hopefully help open the eyes of many others and help Local Shelters shed some light on this horrendous sport of dog fighting. The most rewarding part of The Vick Dog Chew Toy is that a portion of the proceeds are being donated to a local animal shelter to help spread awareness of this terrible phenomenon.”

So, how much mileage will people get out of the Vick fiasco?

Let’s travel 1,477 miles north to Minnesota where the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that “Dogs will have their day: Vick doll coming to St. Paul”.

St. Paul’s minor league team, the Saints, are making plans to give away 2,500 "Michael Vick" dog chew toys designed with the team colors and the No. 7 worn by Vick.  "People expect so many crazy things from us," said Sean Aronson, director of media relations for the American Association baseball team. "When the idea was presented to us [by a fan], we simply couldn't resist."

Now, let’s head 1,943 miles west to Long Beach, California to the Armada minor league baseball team who recently held an Animal Awareness Day at the stadium. They invited fans to bring in a Vick shirt or jersey to be thrown into a bonfire and receive free admission and a donation in their name to a local animal rights organization. After hearing about Armada’s promotion, the Saints decided to jump aboard the sinking Vick ship.

shirtAlong comes budding entrepreneur #237 with the “Neuter Vick” (Convict Vick,7 to Life) t-shirt which can be ordered from their website:

These venture capitalists, also from California, are going to give 50% of t-shirt sales to the ASPCA and local animal shelters. They claim they understand that Vick’s guilt is yet to be determined. But, “rather than sit back and let the courts take years to sort this out we thought let's let Mr. Vick know just how we feel about an athlete who makes over $130 million yet still has something so wrong with him that he needs to kill man's best friend.” (and, make a few bucks along the way?) They are encouraging people to wear the shirt to Falcons games this season. hillary doll 

 I was going to share feeling a bit uncomfortable with these money-making schemes and with the products themselves... but, then... um.... uh.... I remembered... I was the owner of a stuffed Hillary Clinton Dog Chew Toy….

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