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Seaside, Seaside, Down By The Seashore (via 5th)

July 20, 2007 - Amy Jo Hanna-Eckenrode

james seasideMeet Our Pet of the Week: Seaside

When I bought my first house almost 7 years ago, I suddenly found myself all alone in a strange new town and neighborhood. You can imagine my shock and excitement when I learned my neighbor, Dawn, who lived directly across the street, was a former schoolmate from good ‘ole BAHS! Luck? Karma? Blue Devil Kismet? I just knew it provided an instant feeling of comfort knowing she and her young family were so close. While our busy lives usually allow only for a quick wave as one of us is driving away or an exchange of “hellos” yelled across the street, it’s been so fun watching Dawn and Jim’s son, James grow up. However, knowing me comes with a price as Dawn has learned. Because of the line of work I am in, I have coerced Dawn and family to act in commercials, pose for photo shoots and advertising projects. To say the least, they are the epitome of good sports! So, when I started this blog, (and as official doggy-letter-outter when the family is away) it wasn’t long before I told Dawn that ’we’ would need to feature their four-legged child! Please meet Seaside!

As told by Dawn, Seaside’s mom:

We got Seaside the summer of 2002 after returning from a great vacation at Seaside Heights, NJ. We decided that yes, it was DEFINITELY time to get a dog. We found a beautiful full-blooded yellow lab that had the color of eyes normally found in chocolate labs, and, despite being told that she wouldn’t be considered “standard” because of her eyes, fell in love. Immediately. In fact, the visit to “just take a look” at the dog became the same day we took her home. She was freshly bathed and not quite dry. I think I held her all evening. I ended up absolutely soaked, but that was okay – we had our baby. We named her “Seaside” because she was yellow (like the sand) and her eyes were green/yellow/blue (like the sky and water), totally reminding us of our vacation.

We are told (by her vet and her groomer) that she’s the only “Seaside” in Blair County. That’s okay. The only problem comes when we say “Seaside, sit” – you try it!!!

She is QUITE a character, as all dogs can be. In the picture, with James, you can see how she loves her pink sock. In fact, she loves any and all socks. Knows which drawer is the sock drawer, and is constantly in that darn drawer! We find socks EVERYWHERE!

She sleeps with me (of course), and, when I get out of bed, she takes over my pillow. Loves to be under the blanket when she is cold and has no objection whatsoever to stealing blankets.

It’s not all fun and games – she does like to sneak treats. She has recently taken goodies from Panera that were in a box, on top of the bread box, on top of the counter. It was quite a stretch to get there, but she did. Like me, she knows that Panera has good stuff!

Probably the funniest snack-stealing incident was when I discovered a clear plastic container full of pizelles in my bed! There were teeth marks all over the box but she was unsuccessful in getting the container open. Of all things to find in bed…

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