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Move Over Joe Murgo, Mazey’s got it covered this week

June 3, 2007 - Amy Jo Hanna-Eckenrode

I know, I know. We desperately need the rain. My once plush, green lawn looks so beaten and weathered and June just arrived. However, rain is such a mixed-blessing around the Hanna Household.

mazey canI have my own weather prognosticator. She’s furry, golden and shakes and paces when a storm is looming - long before it even arrives. How do I know to prepare for rain? I find Mazey either behind the garbage can in the kitchen or in her newest hideout, the bathtub, which I’ve lined with a couple cushy comforters. mazey tub

Jesse doesn’t mind the sound of thunder or lightening at all. She’s oblivious to it. Makes it all the more interesting trying to figure out why it bothers some pets and not others. Many experts say the fear is a learned behavior and one that can often be broken with patience, time and repetition. Because my girls come from Golden Retriever Rescues, I never know the history or background of many of them including the trauma that might have been encountered.

Because of this lack of knowledge, I do my best to simply comfort, reinforce a safe and secure surrounding and provide as much love, hugs and soothing words as I can to address the fear. I also pray the storm moves along quickly so I am sure to get at least some sleep.

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