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Hot Dogs and Baseball - Oh, What A Night!

May 29, 2007 - Amy Jo Hanna-Eckenrode

Growing up I always imaged Heaven to runneth over with dogs and baseball. That was my idea of eternal bliss. Tonight, I think I’ve had a change of heart.

I went to the Curve game. It was Bring Your Dog To The Ballpark Night at Parney Stadium. For the local county humane societies I am hopeful it was another successful event - dogs adopted, much needed funds and awareness raised. For me, it was one of the oddest experiences I’ve had in quite a while.

I think I’ve discovered it’s difficult, or nearly impossible, to combine certain loves and, for me, this was definitely one of them. Trying to devote all my attention to every dog within reach AND to the game stretched me a little too far. I’m sorry Akron Aeros, you lost me in about the fourth, but darned if those Curve players didn’t look as good as always! And, Duke, the Goldendoodle, was a beauty (even if I don’t like the idea of all the mixed breeding going on). Score?…

I kind of feel bad about not really being a huge fan of Bring Your Dog To The Ballpark Night, but then again, I guess that’s what bloggin’ is all about, eh? Let’s review the purpose of tonight’s event: 1. Celebrate Diesel Dawg’s Birthday Bash. Check. (I actually know what a Diesel Dawg is, I’m still not clear on poor Steamer, plus he scares me). 2. Donate your pet supplies to the Central PA Humane Society. Check. (Did people really drag supplies to the game?) 3. Adopt a dog from the CPHS. Check. (I hope some lucky dogs found new homes. If not, awareness was definitely raised). 4. Enter your dog in the pre-game “Best in Ballpark” dog parade. Check. (Missed this somewhere between the nachos and dip). 5. Kiddie pools throughout the ballpark for dogs to cool off in. (This was a riot! Dogs were lounging in the ice water. Hysterical).

While it was entertaining to see so many furbabies running amok and funnier to see so many fellow pet-crazed owners, there was no way I would have even entertained the idea of taking my girls. Jess would have been so stressed, I envision her having stood up like Fred Sanford, grabbing her chest while teetering back, barking, “I’m comin’ Eliz’beth.” Mazey? I’m torn between her trying to eat every toy dog and going berzerk amidst all the canine smells.

I was happily surprised to see so many people, friends I knew, there with their pooches. It was like old home week (I must get out more…). And, even happier I was smart enough not to even think of taking my dogs. Surprisingly, I will admit, all-in-all the atmosphere was quite surreal -- more so than I expected. It’s as if the dogs had all been there before and were co-existing as if they were supposed to, aside from an occasional outburst.

I’m just not sure why the ballpark staff would want to take on such a ‘messy’ event when it’s obvious how hard they work to keep the ballpark looking so pristine. That’s odd coming from me, the person who used to think she should be able to take her dog along to the grocery store but perhaps I’ve cleaned up after enough furbabies to know the time and expense put into such an event.

I fully support Bring Your Dog To The Ballpark Night at the Curve to raise money and awareness for the shelters. I just think they should leave out the Bring Your Dog part. Bring your donations instead. And, pictures of your fur babies to share with one another over a great game and ballpark food.

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