Jaffa would be better Altoona graduation site

I attended the Altoona Area High School graduation at the Altoona Fieldhouse to see my granddaughter graduate and to see all these young people step into the real world.

The doors opened at 5 p.m. People started lining up at 3:45 p.m. About 4:35 p.m., it started to sprinkle. People were wondering what would happen if it really started to rain. Would they let us in early?

Once inside, people became seated and they were still coming in as the 2019 class was being seated.

How could 200 people, who had tickets, not get into the Fieldhouse?

Bench seats are not that comfortable to sit on in the Fieldhouse or Mansion Park.

I thought way back to my graduation in 1961. Almost 800 of us sat on chairs on the floor of the Jaffa Mosque. Onlookers sat in real seats to watch the ceremonies.

Looking around the Fieldhouse, I remembered looking around the Jaffa — how big and ornate it was. It made you feel special.

The Jaffa is the perfect place for any large venue. Parking is abundant, and there is easy access to the building.

The Fieldhouse is a great place for sporting events, not for graduation.

Why did graduation ceremonies stop at the Jaffa?


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