Do your homework before casting vote

Freedom isn’t free. Much has been sacrificed to give us the freedom we enjoy in our republic.

Those freedoms are regularly tested and challenged as societal change ebbs and flows against our rules of law.

There are important local and state elections this year, which begin with the primary election on May 21. The Republican field is filled with candidates asking for your vote. It’s imperative that you do your homework and then vote.

In the statewide race, there are two open seats for State Superior Court. There are three qualified Republicans vying for those two judgeships: Megan King, Christylee Peck and Rebecca Warren. The PA GOP, among others, have endorsed King and Peck. Warren has also received several endorsements from other organizations.

It’s your right and responsibility to do your homework and learn about these and other candidates running in state, county and local elections.

Jim Foreman

Duncansville Chairman

Blair County Republican Committee