Ross has modernized coroner’s office

I would like to endorse Coroner Patricia Ross for re-election.

I have worked with Ross for more than 40 years as a funeral director and on the Coroner’s Child Death Review Committee.

Ross has brought the coroner’s office from the 19th to the 21st century. She continues to take education courses from the American Boards of Medicolegal Death Investigations (ABMDI): the new standard in coroner education.

Ross is an instructor in the Academy of Pediatrics and was appointed by the governor for maternal death investigations. She brings these additional areas of continuing education and expertise to the office of coroner.

Patty Ross requires all the deputies in the office to secure ABMDI accreditation. The days are gone when a person could take a single course and be a proficient coroner, or learn the duties while on the job.

Robert E. “Bob” Olson