Antis playground should be inclusive

I am very concerned for the direction that Antis Township is taking regarding the installation of all-abilities playground equipment.

I recently made a call and was informed by an Antis Township employee that the plans are currently to install all-abilities equipment at the small Fifth Street park across town from the community park.

I attended a meeting a couple of years ago and expressed that this is a sad decision to place this equipment for the use of families with children with life-altering disorders.

These families already face hurdles of isolation by society. The main purpose of this equipment is inclusion.

These families want and deserve to attend picnics and time out with their friends and families at the community park.

I appeal to the decision makers with Antis Township to please consider what they are doing to these families. I realize it might not be their intent.

But this is not inclusion. It is isolation.

Penny Fern Brunner


(The writer is the founder of “Smiles for Miles,” a non-profit organization raising awareness for rare pediatric genetic diseases.)