Refugees must learn to pay for themselves

Refugee: One who flees his or her country for a better life in a richer country.

To whomever this may concern — which should be every American citizen who works and pays taxes in these United States.

Everyone of us is from somewhere else, brought here by our ancestors from other countries, except the American Indians, and we won’t go into what we did to them.

That was then, this is now.

As a country, we have helped many other countries out of all kinds of jams and done it unselfishly.

The refugees today are another story. They have made up their mind. They are coming and nothing is going to stop them — overcrowding, food, jobs, housing, health care.

Not their problem, our problem. This is where I’m going to upset some do-gooder Christian who thinks we should let every one in no matter what the cost, these are both Republicans and Democrats.

Money is the name of this game, and it’s going to take a lot of it. I have an idea: All the people mentioned above who are willing to have these refugees come to the United States to live, sign a letter of intent to give a third of their yearly earnings to the welfare and upkeep of these people they truly think should be here.

Even the bad ones.

Sandra Nash