Deeply concerned over our country’s direction

How far has America moved away since 1776?

We are on a downhill slide, and soon it will be too slippery to climb back up. Our elected leaders of today are rapidly changing our laws, and all that this great nation has been founded upon.

The freedoms and rights of the common person are no longer at the forefront, but greed and the desire for recognition have taken over.

It would seem our many in leadership have become tale bearers of any simple childhood indiscretion, making themselves look so foolish and losing the respect of their supporters.

We, as Americans, have moved so far away from our founding fathers, whose leadership was based on truth, freedom and our God-given rights.

The love of right and honest government is quickly being eaten up by self-serving desire for higher position.

It is truly fast becoming a government given over to the wrongful desires of society. If our strong, powerful leadership of the past is allowed to be buried and never taught or looked at as our foundation, the America we love and know is surely going to disappear.

What has happened to “We the People?”

Our first 10 amendments from 1791 must still be in effect. I am an older citizen and seeing what is happening gives me great concern for my grandchildren and great-grandchildren. They are this country’s future, but I fear their education in American history is sorely lacking.

To stand means to maintain an upright position. How is America to remain standing if we are always backing down?

Glenda S. Lockard