Snow removal needs to be Altoona priority

I can’t understand why there are so many sidewalks in the city of Altoona that took so long to be cleared of snow.

It has been almost two weeks since we received a great amount of snow — yet there are so many that were not shoveled.

There are many times during my travels throughout the day that I watched adults and children walking on the streets due to walks not being cleared.

I don’t believe anyone wants to slide into or hit a pedestrian.

There has been ample time for homeowners to get the walks cleared. From what I understand, the walks must be clear within 24-36 hours after a snow, yet look around and notice how many walks still were not cleared.

The code department needs to start enforcing this ongoing problem.

The code department needs to give a warning notice that walks must be cleared within 24 hours or be fined.

Michael J. McGraw