Saturday deer opening may be jumping gun

This is in response to the Pennsylvania Game Commission moving closer to opening deer season on a Saturday.

The only reason I have heard from them is that it will attract more hunters. How many people that don’t go now are going to go if it is on Saturday? Did they do a survey?

Possible negatives for some people is the home football game Penn State has with Rutgers this year. For the avid PSU fan, who is also a hunter, that is a dilemma.

For the families who travel for the Thanksgiving holiday, they no longer have the luxury of three days to get home and get ready for the opener. Do they eat and run on Thanksgiving day?

A lot of hunters go to camp on Friday and spend the weekend spiking the economy for the small towns nearby. Will this hurt the bottom line for these businesses?

It is true that other seasons open on Saturday, but I feel safe in saying that there are more hunters in the woods for the deer season opener than any other day.

This would have to make a big impact for a lot of people, so I hope the reason for the considered change is not because a few people complained to a couple of commissioners.

I hope they thoroughly thought about this idea.

Dennis Nevling