Game Commission has the wrong idea

On Jan. 31, the Mirror printed that the Pennsylvania Game Commission is going to kill a couple thousand deer locally, at night, by baiting and shooting them with silenced guns.

Both are illegal by state law.

When they kill a doe at this time of year, they kill two, three or maybe four deer because most doe are pregnant.

The commission expects hunters to abide by laws and turn in poachers. What a joke. The commission is the biggest poacher of all.

I own land that joins Eric Eminhizer’s 1200 acres, and I’m glad he said no to the commission. I say the same thing.

The Game Commission won’t be looking for blood or trailing crippled deer so when a crippled deer dies, the disease called Chronic Wasting Disease is on the ground, and after the deer is field dressed, gut piles get eaten by other animals, and Chronic Wasting Disease is spread.

After the Game Commission commits this crime, and more hunters quit hunting, we will no longer need the commission.

Good luck to the wardens who will be hunting a job.

I am a senior citizen with a senior license, but if I wasn’t, I wouldn’t buy another license. I would take my chance at being caught hunting without a license.

I have been eating venison all my life and don’t figure on stopping now. I can put a light on a gun, too, and put corn out if I choose.

Why doesn’t the Game Commission have a one-week open season and let the hunters get a little good out of this slaughter of deer?

Lenny Metz